SOLAR-BRUSH PV Cleaning system



       Solar-brush PV cleaning system is specially designed for all kinds of solar farm daily conventional cleaning maintenance.  The system is worked through high pressure cleaner water supply and perfectly complied with angel adjustable design to realize manual cleaning. The whole system weights from 1.5 KG to 2 KG, which is light, simple and easy to use, available to be used to clean all sorts of solar farm like ground mounted solar farm, mountainouse solar farm, fish pond above solar farm or any kinds of not easy to maintain solar farm.

      The system can be used through modular pole or telesscopic pole of 3.6 meters, 5.4 meters, 7.2 meters or 10 meters, 12 meters, 15 meters. The operator could clean the large array of solar farm like roof-top solar farm, ground-mounted solar farm, car parking solar farm etc.



SOLA-BRUSH                            400                                   580

cleaning area                            450㎡/h                           550㎡/h

water pressure                          8-10MPa                          8-10MPa

weight                                      1.5kg                               2kg

water consumption                     15L/min                           15L/min

brush width                               400mm                            580mm

work water tempreture                 60                               60

Solar-brush spare parts include:

High Pressure Cleaner

220 alternative motor, 1.3 kilowatts, water consumption 9 liters/min, water pressure 60 bar to 90 bar, 23 kilogram


Solar-Brush 580 is 58 centimeters in length, 1800 gram in weight, 12-15 liters/min water consumption, M22*1.5 connector, 0-120 degree angle adjustable, maximum water pressure 210 bar

Modular carbon pole

SOLA LITE 1.8 modular pole,pure carbon

( 450 gram)

Goose neck

Goose neck for modular pole, weight 480 gram, M22*1.5 connector, fit for Solar-Brush 580 or Sola-Tecs C800

0 degree link for telescopic pole, fit for Solar-Brush 580 or Sola-Tecs C800

High pressure Hose 

50 meters NW 6 with M22*1.5 or M14*1.5 connector

Maximum 150 bar