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      Solar Panel Cleaner

      Machine to clean photovoltaic panels, mod. SOLAR CLEANER RN-SC-35MC, size
      3500x1800x3000, mounted on a two-speed undercarriage with crawler SC426,
      equipped with PERKINS motor 404D-22, complete with:
      - two-block-articulated arm, movement control cylinders with block valves, turret
      mounted on a rotating fifth-wheel driven by a hydraulic motor equipped with a lock
      device, 180° rotation angle, mechanical coupling system with the brush body
      - interchangeable brush-holder body in light alloy; brush in CARLITE
      diameter mm 800, usable working length mm 3520, upper sprinkling protection in
      plexiglass, side parts in rubber, No. 4 proximity sensors to automatically adjust the
      distance between brush and panel surface during the working process, CW and CCW
      brush rotation, which can be selected on the switchboard according to the driving
      hydraulic system with proportional electrohydraulic distributor to run the different
      functions of the machine
      electronic control device to automatically run the working process of the machine thus
      avoiding any mistake by the operator to damage the panels
      switchboard with control units and monitoring instruments ergonomically arranged,
      placed in an air-conditioned driving cabin (warm/cold) on the back of the machine to
      allow the operator an easy overview of the working area
      water device with water treatment system (WATER SOFTENER), tank in AISI 304
      steel, 1800 lt capacity, main pump capacity 51 lt/minute (working pressure 4 bar),
      water heater capacity 25 lt/minute in order to avoid thermal shocks on panels and to
      remove the most difficult dirt, high pressure secondary pump (max 35 bar)
      The brush body is equipped with two collectors, with 6 pairs of nozzles each, injecting
      water on the brush and on the panel, two solenoids driven by a selector on the
      switchboard to drive water on the chosen side, according to the sense of rotation of the
      Two options of the machine are foreseen:
      With main pump (4bar) combined with water purification system
      With high pressure pump (35 bar) combined with thermic fluid heater
      The machine can work on both sides, in both driving directions (back and forth)